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Packing Materials

Buy Packing Materials Online Right Here!

You can buy all the essential materials for packing and moving your items right here. Use our website to buy all the best packing materials that you will need for your home and office removal. Buy packing materials online today.

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  • $19.00 Packaging Paper 5kg (250 sheets)

    Sheets size - 60cm x 80cm. Also known as “Butchers Paper” it is an ideal & clean way to wrap & pack your glassware & valuables into boxes & to fill any spaces inside the boxes to avoid movement.

  • $49.00 Packaging Paper 15kg (750 sheets)

    60cm x 80cm sheet size. The best, easiest and cleanest way to package your breakables into moving boxes & to help fill voids inside the box to avoid items shifting during transit. Its other name is “butchers paper”.

  • $7.50 Bubble Wrap 500mm Wide x 5m Long

    Perforated every 1m. Ideal for your extra delicate belongings such as vases, ornaments etc.

  • $12.90 Bubble Wrap 500mm Wide x 10m Long

    Great for your extra fragile items such as glassware, pictures, etc. Perforated every one metre.

  • $24.90 Bubble Wrap 500mm Wide x 25m Long

    Perforated every 1m with a 10mm sized bubble, perfect for your extra precious items e.g. ornaments, crystal, mirrors etc.

  • $3.50 Brown Packing Tape, 48mm x 75m

    48mm wide x 75m long. Sticky, strong and extra-long brown packing tape for sealing your moving boxes. The tape the professional pre-packers and removalists recommend. Standard core size to fit most tape dispensers including ours.

  • $3.50 Clear Packing Tape, 48mm x 75m

    48mm wide x 75m long. Durable and reliable clear sticky tape for your boxes. The tape the professionals in the moving and pre-packing industry use for sealer moving boxes. Universal core size to fit most tape dispensers.

  • $6.00 Fragile Warning Tape

    Warning tape to identify fragile and precious items.
    Width 48cm x 75m long. Use to seal boxes or just place in prominent position to identify box as fragile.

  • $13.90 Tape Dispenser

    Pistol grip packing tape dispenser makes taping up your boxes quicker & easier.  

  • $4.90 Single Mattress Protector

    Size 225cm x 120cm x 25cm. A plastic cover to protect your single sized mattresses against dirty moving vehicles and renovations.

  • $6.50 Double/Queen Mattress Protector

    Size 250cm x 160cm x 30cm. Suitable for both queen and double sized mattresses. Slips easily over mattress to protect against dirty storage units and moving trucks.

  • $7.90 King Mattress Protector

    Size 255cm x 185cm x 35cm. King sized plastic mattress covers are a must for protection against dirty removal vans and storage facilities. Easy to slip over furniture and then simply tape up the open end to seal.

  • $9.80 1 Seater / Armchair Covers (Pack Of 2)

    Size 195cm x 160cm. Pack of 2 plastic armchair lounge covers to protect your one seater lounge chairs or dining chairs against dirt and dust from removal vehicles and storage places. Slips easily over chairs.

  • $6.50 3 Seater Lounge Cover

    Size 182cm x 305cm. Suitable for 2 and 3 Seater Lounges. Slips over easily to cover and protect against dirty moving vans, storage units, dust, water or renovations. Can also be used on other bulky furniture items.

  • $3.00 Marker Pen

    Permanent marking pen to write on boxes and/or tape to indicate what's in the boxes, if it's fragile or heavy & which room it belongs.

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